Performance of your system can decrease because of a layer of grime on them.  Several environmental factors contribute to the build up of grime, such as dust,  animal waste, pollen, etc. Keep your solar panels running efficiently by having them cleaned periodically.


Clean solar panels can increase efficiency up to 25%! Add that up for a month or year and you’re talking about a lot of saved(or lost when dirty) money.

If you have rooftop mounted solar panels then it’s a good idea (and definitely safer) to hire a professional solar panel cleaning company to get the job done.


  • Generate More Energy – the cleaner they are, the more energy they generate.
  • Return On Investment – the more energy you use from the solar panels, the lower your energy grid bill will be.
  • Rain Won’t Clean Them – water alone will not get the grime off of the solar panels.
  • Inspection – solar panels can be inspected when they’re cleaned, which could mean getting a head start on potential problems.
  • Warranty – solar panels often have “regular cleaning” as a warranty condition.


  • How often should solar panels be cleaned?

    The general recommendation is every 6 months to a year.  It really just depends how quickly grime build-up occurs at your location.
  • How far out are you scheduled?

    We can typically book customers within a one to two week window, however in April, May, June, October and November, it is best to call two weeks to a month in advance to help guarantee we can schedule you on your desired date.
  • How Quickly Can You Get Here? Same Day?

    In rare cases we can come to your home on the same day, in some cases within a few days or inside of a week, depending on your location. The size of the job also will make a difference in our response time. What we do promise is that we will get back to you promptly to learn about the scope of work to be done and let you know when we can schedule.
  • What is your appointment cancellation and rescheduling policy?

    We ask customers to kindly give us notice of at least three (3) business days for cancellations or appointment rescheduling requests. Please understand that we book most of our appointments well in advance so trying to fill an appointment time with short notice is often not possible. This often results in lost revenue for our business and lost earning for our technicians. That said, we understand that last minute emergencies and conflicts occasionally arise. We will always do our best to accommodate customers who notify us no later than 5:00 PM the evening before their scheduled service….but please don’t abuse the privilege.
  • How many technicians will you use to service my home?

    We have found that two person crews are the ideal size for the homes we typically clean, however smaller jobs or pressure washing only may only have one technician sent out. Let us know if you have any special needs or requirements.


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